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issue launching LAN lobby: cncnet.lan.ircd.server.exe



Hi, i just dowloaded a fresh RA1installer (singlecampaing) and then Ra online installer, installed full web version with all languages and etc.


I'm on Windows XP SP3, the game works and online lobby works, but when trying to create LAN game (background window launches and i get a crash





This is Pentium 3 machine, i have a more modern laptop nearby with whom i wanted to play LAN, and there everything works fine.


Any help, what exactly could be missing or how to debug it?




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The problem is most likely the missing .NET framework 3.5, it is not pre-installed on windows XP and you would need to get it from the microsoft website.


But you can also start off the lobby in LAN mode from your laptop and just use that one as server, your windows XP machine should find the server and connect to it. (Only 1 pc needs to run the server)



If for any reason your Windows XP machine does not find the server on your laptop then try the following:


1) Make sure your are both connected to the same router

2) Allow cncnet in your firewall/anti-virus

3) Run cncnet as admin


Please let me know how you could solve the problem, the LAN server was added recently and I would like to improve to ensure it works for everyone out of the box! BTW, what windows do you run on your laptop?

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