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Marathon Survival map 3


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Glad to see people liking/playing my map(s).

Back in 2010 when C1thunder and I decided we didn't want to keep remaking game after each map. We came up with the idea of putting maps together. So i took our favorite 3 maps and put them together. First map "Protect the White house", second map "Get to the chopper" and the third map "Survive Racoon" all of which was made by me. I had to make some changes from the original versions so everything would work together and the end result was epic. The only problem was the first Marathon version only had 3 maps but it had the space for a forth. We could not come up with a forth map that would work so i just through together that forth map which I was never happy with. Took me about 30 hours over a week to get it all done.

If you like the idea of maps being put together i did another one called "Double Trouble". Very hard map but loads of fun.

You can download all my maps right here on this forum. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7223-survival-maps-by-dctanxman-for-yuris-revenge/

If anyone has a couple maps (2 maps or 4 maps) they would like to see put together let me know. I might get the time to do it.

Nice video :D.

Did you guys win?

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