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How to Fix maps - Fixed maps uploaded here!!



Recent update has fixed lots of errors on TS, but it also made some maps not work like they did before. If there is a map that had special Triggers, like 'reveal all map' at the start of the game, then please consider doing this.


So here is what you got to do: Change all the triggers in the map, to the house "Neutral". This is because with the update, GDI and NOD can't own the trigger anymore.

Method 1:

Open Final Sun

Open the map you want to fix

Edit > Trigger options

House (dropdown menu)> Neutral

Do this with all triggers. If there are too many triggers, see method 2


In this GIF example, i used the map "Small Ville"


(download map in attachment)


Method 2

Open map folder  \TiberianSun_Online\Maps\

All maps untouched are in the Custom folder

Open desired map file. If asked for program to open, use wordpad

press Ctrl+F  (or click on Find..) enter: [Triggers]  press enter

You will see under [triggers] lines like this:

01000000=GDI,<none>,reveal map,0,1,1,1,0

01000001=GDI,<none>,other stuff,0,1,1,3,0

Press Ctrl+H  or click Replace.. type in Find what: GDI

type in Replace: Neutral

Now keep clicking 'Replace' untill you replaced all the lines under the [trigger] section.

If you went to far, you can easily undo 1 line at a time with ctrl+z

you are done, but do us a favor and edit the name and add something like 'Fixed triggers'

You can edit the map name by finding the "[basic]" section and edit the map name there.

Now Save (ctrl+s)


Use the attached tool "MapNameLinker" to have a list of all map names and the file name. open map folder in program. Ptapiok created this software and will possibly make it better.



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