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Multiplayer menu freeze



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How exactly did you install the game? Our mac download doesn't have a random map generator, I guess you downloaded the singleplayer version and set it up using playonmac or crossover?


If you are only interested in skirmish/Online/LAN then try out our mac wrapper, it works out of the box without any settings:



If you like to setup the singleplayer download manually then you'll have to add a dll override for ddraw.dll like this: http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/img/playonmac5.png


Next step, download ddwrapper from here: http://bitpatch.com/ddwrapper.html


Now open aqrit.cfg and set NoVideoMemory=1

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Here's exactly what I'm trying to do. I want to play skirmish games offline, against the computer only with randomly generated maps. I'm not interested in the actual missions or playing online against other humans. I uninstalled everything and I'm willing to start from scratch. The mac wrapper ran beautifully once i put it on the desktop, absolutely outstanding work! the only thing I'm missing is a random map generator and I'm set.

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