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News from the waterless world...


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After some thinking I decided to cover Dune related news, after all they are also classic Westwood games. ;)


Open Dune a Dune 2 clone project have released their second version:

Today we are proud to announce the release of OpenDUNE 0.2


This will be the first release featuring our re-doing of the original code, as such, several ‘enhancements’ have been made, enhancements which we find will improve the game, without changing the feel of the game. A complete list can be found here.


As per usual, a changelog has been made, and can be viewed http://binaries.opendune.org/releases/0.2/changelog.txt.


Please keep in mind that until we can convert more of the game, you still need to manually put the Dune2 data files in the proper directory; if you do not, the game will not start.

For more info and downloads check the Open Dune website -www.opendune.org



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