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Dry Heat: Soviet Survival (YR)


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Dry Heat: Soviet Survival, by Aro


While playing some popular survival maps on Yuri's Revenge, I thought I'd make a few more but not just another one of those survival maps where wave upon wave of unstoppable units come your way. This dry heat survival idea was inspired by Dylan (Also known as Informant).


What is Dry Heat: Soviet Survival?


This is a modified version of the popular Yuri's Revenge map, Dry Heat which puts a single player up against a soviet computer opponent which performs many waves of attacks very similar to what professional XWIS players dish out. The human player will start on the left hand side of the map and the AI opponent will be hidden from the map, but it's waves of attacks still appear. Each wave gets harder as time goes on as you'd expect in an online game. This is intent to help the newer XWIS players get better at defending against common Drone attacks, Splits and Fodder accompanied tanks etc.


Are there any changes to the map itself?


Terrain and layout remains exactly the same, I have only removed Ore and Oil Dericks from the right side of the map where the computer opponent is positioned, this is to prevent people from taking an advantage of the extra resources so it's a situation like what you'd encounter on XWIS.


How do I play Dry Heat: Soviet Survival?


Simply download the zip file and extract it to your RA2 Directory (normally C:/Westwood/RA2/), once you've done that the map will appear in your Yuri's Revenge Skirmish maps list. The required settings for playing this map properly are as follows:


- Set your player starting position to spot 1

- Make sure you chose either Allies or Soviets, this map lacks any real challenge if you chose Yuri

- Set the AI's faction to Soviets (it doesn't matter what country)

- Set the AI's starting location to spot 2

- Set Short Game on

- Set starting units to 0

- Set Superweapons on


How do I uninstall Dry Heat: Soviet Survival?


Simply go to your RA2 Directory and remove the files: arosovsu.yrm and ra2md.csf


What do the attacks consist of?


The attacks are typical ones that will be performed by any good XWIS Soviet player (as closely imitated as possible), this includes Engineer eating dogs, conscript attacks, early drones, tank rushes, tank splits and heavy unit waves. I wont reveal all the waves. After the 8th wave (Iron curtain), I have added a few much harder waves which include a nuke strike attack, these extra waves are just a bonus to the actual map.

The attacks are not 100% accurate as it's not possible to make the AI perform such human-like commands, but I've imitated them as closely as possible.


I don't expect very experienced YR Soviet and Allied players to have too much of a difficult time winning the first 6 waves (even though some of the ones that have already played it have struggled many times), but if you'd like to play it and share thoughts etc. You may.


Link updated: Februrary 09 2010

Download Dry Heat: Soviet Survival


Good luck and have fun.


- Aro

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