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  1. Yuri can build 4 power plants in the time Sov / Allied will get their first refinery
  2. @admin can you move this to the Ra2 / YR section and not tournament thanks
  3. Last month I became the only player in CNCNET history to take rank 1 while going undefeated (50-0) 🥂 here's a list of other accomplishments I've done on here: • First and only player to get Rank 1 on CNCNET with allied only • First and only player to get b2b2b Rank 1 (3 months in a row) on CNCNET • Most Rank 1s in YR XWIS and CNCNET history • Rustled all the haters who can't do anything but cry on a WC3 Discord
  4. Andy.

    Admin abuse

    Why is everyone spamming this, and why did xme read this and not reply?
  5. Andy.

    Admin abuse

    Would like to know why someone is randomly removing my games, I wait like 30 mins in queue to match someone and then after all that wait I win some games and then someone removes 3-4 games from my for no reason? https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/4-2019/yr/player/NoGods There was about 4 games that were removed from me for no reason I want them put back immediately.
  6. That's the dumbest thing I've heard in a while.
  7. New link https://discord.gg/AYjJkz
  8. "ask for wins back" 😂
  9. I was wondering the same
  10. https://discord.gg/CrKKmU join up boys
  11. Andy.

    help .

    Go play Ra2 on XWIS
  12. If you are handy with photoshop / gimp and want to make some thumbnails for paypal send me a PM here or hit me up on Discord. 🤠
  13. It seems I've fixed it, there's an option for when I'm editing the video to change the resolution on export, this seems to have fixed it on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mso59-1wmXI&t
  14. So is there a way where I can upload these videos to YouTube and not have this huge black bar?
  15. If I upload to YouTube all of this will be black just like in the video I posted in my first post.
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