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  1. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Honestly you should just scrap this tournament.
  2. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    If this doesn't end by April 30th you can just remove me from it.
  3. 2on2 Tournament Bracket and Discussion Thread

    Can play all week from 3-6 PM PST
  4. 2on2 Tournament Bracket and Discussion Thread

    me nawb korc and zigs all ready to play this week while ank continues to play on GR daily and not communicating or trying to play tourney
  5. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Where you at Buffalo?
  6. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Lol retarded Justin has trouble following the rules
  7. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Here it is https://www.twitch.tv/korc11/v/108755737
  8. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Was about to play with "nawb" and he then bailed when grant came to stream. And now he says it's not him, can this guy be banned for impersonating nawb?
  9. 2on2 Tournament Bracket and Discussion Thread

    It's been almost 2 months now, I'd say shortly after Christmas the people who haven't played should be DQ'd
  10. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Well Justin was constantly picking spots like that, so what happens do these games count?
  11. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    I would count it as a loss unless player really has to go and asks the oppenent if they can finish later. and spots should be played somewhat typically imo It's clear that's not what happened, there was only 1 game left and he was losing the last few games so "he was like I gotta go bye " korc will verify
  12. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    I'd like Zigs to clear up a few things, the spots thing is a real issue, everytime I picked a map, CS for example, and if I picked spot 4, Justin would go spot 3, is this allowed? If so every series is going to be pretty boring and not fun for anyone. Also what happens if someone (justin) just quits and says bye mid series, is this an automatic ff?
  13. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    That's just his estimated time of the tournament, for example what if it's feb and not everyone has played against everyone else, but one person has, he will automatically win since you get points for losing for some reason.
  14. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Does this tournament have a deadline or does it end when everyone has played everyone?
  15. Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    If anyone is interested in playing hit me up on Skype [email protected]