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  1. Andy.

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Always have a pillbox or sentry gun ready and use W key to place it when needed.
  2. Andy.

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    Watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZmVK056xxU
  3. Andy.

    1x1 tournament on 15 September 2018

    Sounds like fun, I'll play, lol at Martin talking about sov maps as if there are any allied favored maps in this game. 😁
  4. Andy.

    Suspicious player NewPlayer

    No clue who you are.
  5. Andy.

    Suspicious player NewPlayer

    And he just had a barracks left, while I had 5 grand cannons.
  6. Andy.

    Suspicious player NewPlayer

    XWIS has been dead since 2013
  7. Andy.

    Suspicious player NewPlayer

    I'd like to find out if there's foul play here, and if not then why is it happening, I don't lag at all or have any connection issues.
  8. Andy.

    Suspicious player NewPlayer

    it just happened again, can an admin check if it's the same guy, I had him down to a barracks and I had the entire mid of the map with GC all over and it just randomly happens in a game that had no lag issues at all and I never disconnected from the internet. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/8-2018/yr/games/43507
  9. Andy.

    Suspicious player NewPlayer

    So I have played roughly 100 games this month and have not had this problem with anyone else, I don't care that he cheats and lames every game, but it's pretty annoying when I am about to win and then my game just closes and he is awarded the win, I've had this happen 5 times vs him, and only him. Has anyone else had this problem with this guy and if this is some strange coincidence that it's only happened vs him, then how do I fix this bug?
  10. Duped and banned confirmed.
  11. I'm not banned from XWIS or XWIS forum by the way..
  12. you are a delusional scumbag player that tries to validate your bad sportsmanship by pointing the finger at others.
  13. He admits to intentionally invisible mcv, isn't that bannable?
  14. He was a toxic player and very poor mechanics, after easily beating him he invisible MCV and said, "have fun waiting for your points" he then told me he's an admin and the game is not gonna count. He quit and then the game didn't count, here is the game. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/8-2018/yr/games/42711 I don't really care about this dead game just came on for fun but it's pretty sad to see people still cheating, no wonder no one plays anymore.
  15. Andy.

    Yuri's Revenge 1v1 League

    Honestly you should just scrap this tournament.