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What kind of editor use Westwood for movies?

Pjotr Vyglidalovic

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Creating VQA files is a bit of a tricky business.  You need to convert all the frames to the same 256-colour palette (or, if you have something really long with scene switches with notable colour changes, to ranges of images with the same palette), and then convert those using UGordan's VQA encoder, and add an audio stream to them.


I usually use the RAD Video Tools for converting frames. For simply converting a video, in 4:3 aspect ratio, to standard 320x200 vqa, you should use these settings:




More info: http://www.ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=8337

The tool + required dll files: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/tools/vqa-enc-0.5b2.rar


I generally keep the intermediate files the tool can produce, so you can experiment with getting the audio right without need to reconvert the entire video.


If you do have videos with palette switches, you gotta be careful to put those at frame numbers that are exact multiples of the "key frame" value in the encoder settings, since the game can only switch palettes at a key frame. This is actually a bit of a problem in the encoder; Westwood's own encoder could apparently change the key frame at will inside a video to prevent this problem.

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Umm... what?


I just gave a tutorial. But it's only for converting videos, of course. If you want to create videos... use a video camera, or some 3D suite? :roll:


btw, please stop quoting entire posts like that. It just fills up the threads for no reason.

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