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Bug Founded!



Hi peaple! i was founded a bug when i was playing me vs. my coisin,this bug fucked up all he playablity, i founded an bug on 1024x768, who can't permit you to build on south corner (see image), but on 640x480 it works normal, no bugs.


[edit] forgotten, i used a map from my mappack (Glacial Montain (6p))




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Known bugs:


These are all explained in detail in the sections below; this is just a quick overview:


  • The game has some minor problems with missions that are smaller than the game resolution. This will cause some graphical errors.
  • Showing the minimap on missions that are smaller than the resolution causes the game to crash. This is normally not a problem, since you can't build a Comm Center in the first missions.
  • When playing in high resolution, you can't place buildings with a placement height of only one cell on the lowest row of cells on the map.
  • Original resolution savegames can't be used in high resolution.


The pic of Glacial Mountain is missing in your maps thread, btw.

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