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C&C Assets - XCC mixer not helping.


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Hey guys,


So I want to do a tattoo using some sprites from RA1 and I've tried using XCC mixer (I think 1.47 is the one I got), but it won't let me open conquer.mix.

I had to open raed.mix because conquer.mix was in it, but XCC mixer then wouldn't open conquer.mix, it just displayed the list inside raed.mix.

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong though, all help appreciated!


If anyone has original spritesheets lying around though I'd be extra grateful if you could share.

I'm looking for the rifleman, grenadier, flamethrower, dog! I can't remember if camp fires existed but if they do or some other sorta-looking-like-camp-fire fire exist, I'd appreciate that too. (Otherwise I'll just have to come up with something)



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That's not XCC Mixer. It says so right in the program's top bar. That's XCC Mix Editor, a different tool from the XCC Utilities set, which is purely for adding/removing files from mix files, rather than for viewing their content.


Find and start the one actually called "XCC Mixer.exe" in the utilities folder.

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