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Red Alert Classic Mod - for OpenRA v20160508


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Red Alert Classic Mod - for OpenRA v20160508


Available here:  http://members.quicknet.nl/lm.broers/  In the 'Downloads' section.


Nothing hacky, just changed the rules and weapon yaml files. This way a lot of things could be adjusted back to the classic game.


At least with this mod I can play openRA whilst still conforming to how I came to expect this game to behave in the past 20 years.

Iran worked on a similar mod in 2013, hosted here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/openra-classic . All openRA variables changed a lot since. For example; the 'unit speed' is now in a different unit, and I just converted that the best way I could figure.





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Thanks for the offer matt. I am in doubt though, wheter I actually care for the moddb page or the github? The v2016 mod was made for my own use, and now it is available to anyone who wants to try it.

I mean;

- Are there other people who want to add to this mod? In that case please speak up.

- Do I want to keep updating the mod whenever a new version of openRA is released? I am not so sure. OpenRa Devs have just dropped Dot-Net 4.0 support, which is a problem for me. Unless 'Mono' or something works as a good replacement.

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If you replace all the `./mods/ra-classic/` path prefixes with `ra-classic|` in your mod.yaml and add `$ra-classic: ra-classic` to the Packages section (note: this is all described in the Mod manifest documentation) you can package an oramod that can be installed and run from the support directory instead of modifying the main game install.  This is our new and best supported way of shipping OpenRA mods.


Here's a fixed version for you: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lur20sxwikzy034/ra-classic.oramod?dl=0

Just copy it to My Documents\OpenRA\Mods\ra-classic.oramod under windows and pick it from the mod chooser.

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On 03/07/2017 at 8:59 PM, spetsnaz84 said:

I would be very interested in an updated version that works with OpenRA 20170527 !

I'm in the final stages of completing my mod for OpenRA, much of the focus, of which, is returning the gameplay closer to the original Red Alert.

Addition of: Classic Unit rosters, costs & requirements , weapon strengths, unit speeds, Classic engineer function (TD), Classic Aircraft behaviour

Removal of: Fog of war, Veterancy system, Killing bonuses, Flak trucks, Hijackers.

I hasten to add - it may not be what your after - as its not a 100% pure classic recreation, as it features both Allies, Soviets & GDI, NOD;  and as a result it borrows elements from both RA & TD games.

I had to take some liberties with the factions for example - More so with GDI & NOD - to bring them up to par with the RA ones - balance wise. (Secondary super weapons, naval units, NOD & GDI tech centers, to name a few)


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