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  1. Thanks a lot! Yes that way is probably better for the average user. The download section on my site has been updated with the oramod file you supplied.
  2. Thanks for the offer matt. I am in doubt though, wheter I actually care for the moddb page or the github? The v2016 mod was made for my own use, and now it is available to anyone who wants to try it. I mean; - Are there other people who want to add to this mod? In that case please speak up. - Do I want to keep updating the mod whenever a new version of openRA is released? I am not so sure. OpenRa Devs have just dropped Dot-Net 4.0 support, which is a problem for me. Unless 'Mono' or something works as a good replacement.
  3. Red Alert Classic Mod - for OpenRA v20160508 Available here: http://members.quicknet.nl/lm.broers/ In the 'Downloads' section. Nothing hacky, just changed the rules and weapon yaml files. This way a lot of things could be adjusted back to the classic game. At least with this mod I can play openRA whilst still conforming to how I came to expect this game to behave in the past 20 years. Iran worked on a similar mod in 2013, hosted here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/openra-classic . All openRA variables changed a lot since. For example; the 'unit speed' is now in a different unit, and I just converted that the best way I could figure.
  4. I really enjoyed browsing through the Red Alert Archive in the past years! Good to see the renewed activity.
  5. I fixed the slashes in the original rampmaps.zip on my site, as linked in the first post. @FunkyFr3sh That is convenient, so I can click the thumnails there to get how exactly how the map looks in game.
  6. Tore, Thanks for putting up the online version, unfortunately it does not work that well. The page and image-links are broken... It should be easy to fix though. Edit: it is firefox browser specific, internet explorer does work. Also my offline version does work in firefox? I suspect it is because the backslashes in the paths should be changed to slashes.
  7. Last weekend I was trying out the different versions of RA1 which are currently available. My self modded hi-res (hifi) version of RA1 had some mouse cursor drawing problems on the new PC System. -OpenRA 2013-05 - plays nicely for what it is, but too far from the original for me. -OpenRA Classic RA - locks up sometimes, as already warned for. Still too far from the original anyways. -Hifi DDraw.dll - Fixed my mouse cursor problem, that's nice, and runs fast enough on my new system. -Arda project - Nice, but I had a little difficulty integrating it with my own adjustments. -(Irans) Portable RA - This is excellent!, Love the new build bar +aspect ratio correction+ small soldier option: I'll definitely stick with this.
  8. Thanks for the effort, much appreciated! "a few weeks" Hmmm, shall I try rev. 2 now or wait for rev. 3... I remember CnC-DDraw did not work that well on my system. So I prefer to run without it.
  9. I have a retro PC with a Pentium III Processor with Windows 98SE and its DOS Prompt (v7.1). What I noticed is that in Windows I have to restrict the Processor speed to 333MHz or below, otherwise Dune II will do the intro with subtitles instead of speech. When running it from the pure DOS Prompt this issue not there. I prefer to run the game from windows 98 instead of pure DOS, as in DOS the game needs so much base memory (under 640k) that I am actually forced to use upper memory blocks. The above is with Dune 1.07 with your patch. I am not a member of that forum, so I cannot download it.
  10. Neat! I browsed your FTP site some days before, but did not manage to consider all that is availabe there, as it is quite a lot. thumbs up
  11. I currently use the plain scores.mix without the covert operations tracks. That movies.mix was part off my old C&C 95 portable setup. Some years ago I used XCC mixer to make a portable setup for my own use. I put it in a mix file then because it seemed to me C&C just reads mix files. Did not know any better.
  12. Okay, It works now using run.bat. thanks!
  13. I feel silly, but How does one run a (javascript) jar file? Coincidentially I put much effort in a similar game project, which is based even more on HeroQuest, heck it is even called HeroQuest. It should be fun to play it or watch the rolling demo. IIRC it used to be listed on the HeroQuest wikipedia, but no more. Pending were the advanced inventory system and the spells, and it is still like that. Link
  14. Back in 2006, I worked on map previews of all 230 Red Alert Multiplayer maps. As included in the original game and in the Counterstrike and Aftermath addons. I did post it on some C&C forum I cannot find again, so let me repost it here. Maybe it is useful for someone. It is all in html, so it could also be put online like that. Link
  15. I found another CD like this, called Defcon 3. Link I tried to attach a scan of the backside of the CD cover.
  16. Of course it would be more desirable if the mission scripting kept strictly to the briefed objectives. About the mix files, since you asked: I removed the beta sounds, the jap/fre/ger language related files. And I replaced the scores.mix (and update02.mix) with the plain dos scores.mix, as for me that one contains plenty music tracks already, and exactly the way I remember it from, what was it, 1995? Then I added a custom movies.mix which contains just logo.vqa (with the westwood logo and menu backdrop animation)
  17. Hey Solo, Indeed, I wrote it wrong, in the second mission it was the reinforcements that failed to arrive.
  18. Firts post here Yesterday I ditched my older C&C 95 install and replaced it with Nyerguds's 1.06 package and patched it up. Then I removed some mix files I will never use. It works really well, even on my eee PC at 1024x600. I had to use w98 compatibility mode in XP SP3, otherwise the game would hang after a minute or so. But to the point: I noticed it contains some new missions tagged N64 and PSX. They typically give you a commando to clear a beachhead, after which an MCV is to be send in. I tried two of these missions, and in both of them the MCV never shows up, eventhough I did all the preperation work. One mission I retried from the start (where I had to airstrike an obelisk), I did things exactly the same as before and then the MCV showed. Now the second mission is about destroying four gun turrets, destroyed three with the commando, fourth turret was destroyed by missiles from the ship: still no MCV...
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