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ipx/spx for windows 7 and above INCLUDING IN X64



For any of you that loved local network play (MY FAVORITE!!) and can't find a way around the need for IPX, there is a new program called IPXWRAPPER that works great


http://www.solemnwarning.net/ipxwrapper/  it is free, and it is safe, although the AV software will flag it,because of "reputation" This refers to not enough people have used it  for them to clear it from the unknown lists. if your av software flags it and removes it, simply restore it AFTER telling your AV software to exclude it


how this works,  is so simple, it supprises me that it wasn't done ages ago. it takes the IPX protocol data and funnels it to other network computers that are set up identically, via UDP  hence the "wrapper"  your game thinks it sees ipx, but in truth, the data flows via UDP.


what is great is that it will do this on either 32 bit OR 64 bit machines



so, get out your RA2 and YR2  set up a bunch of computers and get back to enjoying local network play on your win 7 and newer computers!!!

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There are already multiple ipx->udp wrappers that the community has been using for years :D One was made by understorm and the other one was actually the cncnet4 dll.


I highly suggest to use cncnet for LAN games rather than using these wrappers, they're pretty outdated and not needed anymore :)


Anyways, thanks for sharing your solution!

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