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Constant Lag despite fast internet speed





I love this game having rediscovered it recently.


But i am getting serious lag problems everytime i play.


I am connected via ethernet cable


My ping is 8ms dnwld 211.52, upload 12.19 on a speedtest i did just now.


I rang virgin my ISP and they said there maybe some firewall or port setting i may need to adjust in order to allow the game to play smoothly and quickly on the internet.


Please can you help or advise how to solve this problem!




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What game is it?


I just recently found out that virgin UK is putting their users behind proxy servers, maybe your problem is related to that too.


I suggest turning that stuff off, it will only cause problems anyways. Log in to your virgin account and look for "Web Safe" "Child Safe" "Virus Safe" and disable it

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Are you sure you are the reason for the lag or could it be one of the other players in the game maybe?


Try a skirmish game on cncnet, if it runs slow there too then it could just be related to a setting. Try to play around with your rendering settings in the tiberian sun config.


what windows do you actually have? And what game installation do you use? The game will run very slow on windows 8 / 10 if you don't use the community patches or our installers

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Thankyou for your reply


I'm sure it is me. 3 times i have left a game and have been messaged after telling me it sped up once i left (I asked them to let me know to figure out if i was the lagger)


Thanks for the skirmish suggestion, i played that and it was absolutely fine without lag or interruption.


I run windows 7.


I don't know what game installation i use, i presume its the latest one, how can i check?


Any other suggestions? I really am just perplexed by all of this is so annoying lol

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FYI this has been SOLVED


It turns out it wasnt lag, my graphics card couldnt handle it


I turned down the graphics setting and it runs like a dream!


8 player games now run fast and smoooth without interruption.


Its interesting that my graphics card not being able to handle it caused the game to "lag" for everyone

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