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Having an issue with the Yuri's Revenge game lobby. 


I can log in and play no problem.  But it shows 0 people in the Yuri's Revenge chat even though I know they are in there.  So I switch to the General CNCNet Chat and everyone shows up.  But when I'm in there, I can't see anything being said in the Yuri's Revenge chat and people in there, can't see that I'm logged in.  I tried deleting the program and reinstalling it, but same thing.

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On 9/6/2016 at 6:44 AM, c0creat0r said:

Here is a screen shot of my lobby...




The Yuri's Revenge chat list never populates... But if I go to CNC General Chat, everyone shows up.  But that again, when people are talking in the Yuri's Revenge channel, I can't see it.

can you give me link where can i download this loby ?

how can i download this loby ?


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