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  1. Hey guys, wonder if anyone figured out how to make Windows 10 work any better with Yuris? I tried the graphics patch and use TS-DDRAW as my renderer, but when I hit TAB to see the kills screen, or ESC to get to the setting screen, it causes the game to lag out and freeze for several seconds. Is these a fix for this? Thanks.
  2. Noticed an issue... We play TOE a lot and noticed most of the time when you build a barracks and later sell it, one square on the map under where the barracks was becomes corrupt and it becomes a dead spot on the map (when you try to build on that spot, it shows up as a red square, blocking you). Haven't noticed any other structures causing this, only barracks. Any idea how to fix this or is it just an unfixable glitch? EDIT: We have confirmed in only happens with Barracks and it only happens with the very first barracks you build. Any additional barracks don't glitch the map. Any ideas or fixes?
  3. Will it ever be possible to link nicknames to accounts or to IP addresses to stop people from trolling under other people's names? We used to have a way to figure out who people were by viewing the client file and tracking their IP information. However, we noticed that during one of the last couple updates in the past week or two, that was changed and now the client file doesn't track that information anymore.
  4. I'm referring to only one boris per TEAM, not per player. In Tour of Egypt games, they are 3v3... And when one side gets multiple Soviets, they can make up to 3 boris units. Double and Triple Boris BFs are pretty unstoppable. Can you set the boris limit from one per person, to one per side or do you need to disable finding soviet mcvs from crates?
  5. Is it possible to make the TAUNTS setting universal in the game so that you don't need to turn them off each and every game? Some people are pretty annoying with them.
  6. If you were a ToE player, you would understand. It's not for simple tank rushes. Soviets already have the inherent advantage of single, double, or even triple boris BFs.
  7. Hey guys, Does anyone have a list of available INI triggers or unit names for map editting? Currently, I'm just trying to figure out what colors are recognized and valid for PIP colors when different units go into Battle Fortresses. Also, was trying to figure out if there was a way to limit special units to a team limit? Like on a Tour of Egypt map, is there a way to limit only 1 boris per side without disabling soviet MCV crates? Or would that be the only way? Thanks!
  8. Used the base Tour of Egypt map and made some minor adjustments: MONEY CHANGES: * Added 4th ore post on each spot's ore field * Ore posts were bunched together to provide better base building * Each starting spot has it's own gem field UNIT CHANGES / LIMITS: * Spies disabled * Siege Choppers disabled * Kirov limit set to 10 per player * Unit Speed of Boris/Tesla/GGI/Sniper slightly increased OTHER MODS: * Boris inside Battle Fortress is GREEN pip * Tesla Troop inside Battle Fortress is BLUE pip * Snipers inside Battle Fortress is YELLOW pip * Fixed some dead spots on map, some still occur after selling buildings 10-19-2017 toe.map
  9. c0creat0r


  10. Updated to the new client and have the same issue... Although now, I get a message that I'm banned. Here is what is says when I log in... If I switch to General CNC Chat, everything is fine. It's just in the Yuri's Revenge lobby that it says I'm banned.
  11. Still hoping to get this issue fixed... Sent you a couple messages on a couple days Grant. What else do you need from me?
  12. Thank you for looking into this. I've sent you a couple PMs.
  13. CnCnet Lobby is not populating? When I load the CNCNET client, the game defaults to the Yuri's Revenge lobby, but it constantly says "0 Online Yuri's Revenge" even though there are "430 Online CNCNET". So I have to manually switch to the "General CNCNET Chat" to see anyone logged in. Not the end of the world, but everyone else I play with stays in the Yuri's Revenge lobby so I can't see their chat and things like that. I completely deleted the client and games and reinstalled everything, still nothing.
  14. Helloooooooooooooooooooooo?
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