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Unit(vessel) count



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I love making coop maps where me and my friends can work together to destroy the 'bad guy's base. Now i mad a naval concentraded map, now when i start the game ik can't build any ships. I think this is because of a vessel cap (100 i think). Is there anyway how i could raise that unit cap ? Oh y, RA for life :)


You can modify the rules.ini (spawn.xdp) file in notepad to raise the limits, make sure you share the file with your friends afterwards else they cannot join your games anymore

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I changed the vessel count in rules(ini-file) from 500(i changed it from 100 to 500 a couple of days ago) to 1000, still i can't build any ships in-game.

There is a big chance i'm doing it wrong, can you maybe explain how I have to change the vessel cap?

I'm 18yo and not rly a genius if it comes to file-editing


Oh y i tried to open the spawn.xdp file but i can't (not supported or something like that) i'm now downloading adobe acrobatreader dc.


ok i can't download adobe reader (many reasons) so y i'm a little bit stuck

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