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Hi, I used to love all CNC games, I've just got a windows 10 laptop and I've seen you can repurchase and down load some of the old games.


My question is can you still play online...are the servers still running for Generals and zero hour?


Is there any match making for older ones like ra95?


Had hundreds of hours of fun and I'd love to get some 2v2s (all welcomes lol) going with my brother.


I'm not that much of an IT whiz anymore so if anyone could suggest any problems or stuff I need to look at that would be great!

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Older games can be played here on cncnet for free, the first 3 games are freeware. Get them here:



A ladder is in the works, but currently not available for ra95. You will be able to get one 2vs2 after another, there are still loads of players online!

All the game installers here work fine on windows 10, you don't need any settings or tweaks.


For the newer games check this site out:


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