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my 2nd post about same Issue


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i can't load in the game when i join it says this

Player [DoDGing] - unknown ping to selected tunnel server.

after that i don't load into the game don't just leave me hanged like this if u don't know the solution for this it's okay just say it don't ignore or np to say we can't help u but just let's get this over with i'am bored and didn't play for so long so far  :d2k: :mad:

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Nope i hv manually set the net firewall off not i think it's my cilent maybe somethin happen to it bcuz when i start it it takes 3-5 Min untill i can join + Maps won't transfer

Router settings definitely not on anything that can block outgoing requests?


Are you able to try this on a different internet connection?

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no i can't bcuz i don't have another internet  i used VPN to change ip and connect but the issue was still there i have the game on my bro pc it sometime works fine and sometime gives me unknown ping and don't load the only common thing is maps don't transfer

i got tired from relaying on my luck if  the game would launch or no but it seems like i'am the only one with that issue

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So i figured out something i made recovery to my windows 4-5 Month back and i tried playin With cnc the game worked fine then the windows updated itself and back once again to unknown ping Issue So windows  latest update is blockin it from working [i Have Windows 8.1]

so i disabled the latest update and the game is workin just fine atm thought the map transfer issue is still there but wtv i'am satisfied by that Ty for ur Help So far  :)

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