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  1. welcome online this community is full of trolls but u also sound like new here so if u wanna learn u should find a good player and ask him eventually u will find *That group* that u will play with most of the time also watching some online videos of good player can help u have a general idea on how things go i saw mustache helping new players and he's good he can help u if u ask him but i don't recommend u joining that discord at all what he may say *Free speech* actually is [ hatred/racism / toxic environment/ lots and lots of trolls etc...] also Endless Dick fights on who won who more or how noob the other dude is. since there's no supervision there
  2. for sure that would heat up the competitive scene if it's done and boost up qm activity [ and trash talk lol ]
  3. as far as i know the chinese copied alot of things from Cncnet if they are working on CM now can't we copy that when it's done ? it's an open source after all xD
  4. Point 3 is needed by so many players there's alot of clans already lol log in at saturady and see the tags it's just shame they don't hv the time for it about point 10 more option how about *Fog* mode it's like other RTS the whole map has fog of war or whatever it's called once ur unit leave an area it will be covered in fog again after afew sec's just like Ra3/ZH/Ao2 Etc
  5. DoDger

    2v2 qm

    if the chinese got cm we can copy that can't we ? i mean they copyed everything we had so far and some from xwis too lol
  6. well if u ganna force multi on it has to be in the games AvS or SvS AvA where's no yuri involved bcuz most of the time as a yuri u expect to get engi'ed lol taking away that part will make yuri stronger
  7. correction: in cncnet there's a patch where alting won't prevent the tank coming out from the wf therefore alting is allowed at qm and totally fine toxic behaviour not sure about alting the ref tho! they forgot that alting wasn't just to block tanks but also to kill the wf faster since u do self damage to urself by ur own tanks/pill box etc.. idk about the old days but in general the qm here is about lame2win i'm fine with that but it doesn't mean i enjoy playin it. now looking to the newer players goin to qm what do they learn from all of this ? is how to be a toxic player again that's fine i guess but ik alot of players that's not into that and if they are looking for 1v1 they would just go custom and ask some1 they know
  8. that part is so true i hv seen that quite afew times myself and not just for new players.something has to be done about it bcuz it's killing the activity so bad imo here's the thing last time i played qm it was at 11-2017 now i started to qm again and there's alot of changes the most noticeable by far is the super toxic and flaming part which is engi/alt/trash talk etc... it wasn't even near that back at 2017 the activity also isn't as it was back then i have played 28 games this month and i already lost interest to keep on playing in this super toxic environment anymore about the yuri part i only matched yuri twice so far and i hv no issue going vs it at qm ik prep said at the start of this post to avoid talking about it but. i was away for over 9 months when i came back i found alot of xwis/gr player changed to cncnet most of players playing qm right now are ra2 and this is an old game so i don't expect that we have bunch of 10 years old kids that wanna learn everything there is. most of them are not even active on daily bases and old enough to be married and having kids some players just are not interested to even learn to play vs yuri anymore that's understandable we can't apply the rules of 2005 to 2018 anymore.
  9. i started to qm this months again all good so far the maps looks good but why do we hide the players names again ?? to avoid bailling or something like that bcuz i don't really like that in a game i played a soviet player he used engi eat engi/drone flak and all of that gameplay the next game i lamed back i thought it was the same guy but it wasn't and i felt bad about it less bail but more laming ??
  10. this qm needs to have nick limitation 2-3 as max i hv heard about pushin/ rank busting on 0 point nicks ever since i got bk into the game
  11. 1] Yes i will but at the same time it all depends on the time of the tourny due to my collage-work-life activity so i'm usually busy 2] yes 3] uhm.. as a yuri player i don't mind it at all but... u will hv also some ra2 players that don't want it so to have a common ground it should be allowed once or twice in the whole seri and in fair maps not something like toe or sp 4]they should bcuz i assume if they are joinning then they know they are up against some high lvl gameplay and if there's more than just 1 team then match them together and don't forget that not every pro out there will be playing in the tourny either so u might find urself short on teams in the first place 5] yea pretty much
  12. i don't really wanna ask the admins and ppl in charge to take more work in but a clan ladder is really needed and asked by many players [ more than qm even ] i hope to see it up soon like qm
  13. When u lose ask yourself why did u lose /what went wrong to avoid the same mistake again and don't get mad that's how u improve
  14. great work the maps look very nice also most of them tend to have oils and gems maybe next maps u ganna work on just put either gems or oils ont both but still they lookin good i'm not sure if i should report this here or somewhere else but the map [8] Sonic Highways shows only 4 spots on the preview and i can't start the game with more than 4 players it's like 4 player max instead of 8
  15. sounds more like a personal issue for me tbh it got nothing to do with cncnet as for martin he have a lil authority to do some stuff in qm ladder [ like changing map pool etc..] where he's skills are needed he's not a game moderator in the full meaning that can ban or kick players from lobby and such
  16. when u say soviet it's basically iraq bcuz of deso's any other soviet is useless specially vs yuri or late game allied allied inf is more powerful excluding the special unit from each side [Snipers-desos] but if we are going to speak in a realistic way no they shouldn't be half the price bcuz the basic units tier 1 inf 'conscript' is ganna be 50$ each ? when it's 100 each it's already being massed and used as a very good fodder specially in small maps no matter how good the gi's are they are 200 each that will make allied have even lesser chance in small maps than it already is .
  17. Desolator ??? can kill mirage tank in a sec!! plus u can always manual target the mirages which in equal numbers it's ganna be close fight [spceially if the allied is fighting outside it's base where's no base defenses to absorb the damage]
  18. i think u over did it abit with the oils 1 oil each would be more than enough with all of that gold and gems also the Left side looks abit closer to each other than the right one which makes helping ur teamm8 alot faster on the left side than it is on the right one Gj tho the map looks nice
  19. Ik iam not mentioning u specific at this game bcuz i saw there was a long chat about laming and things like that at discord channel so i understand this match has to be at least agreed upon by u and zhas i only mean in general if some1 is doing this on purpose and doing it so often then he should be punished i didn't even know that the miners can still block the wf so it's a good video proving how this can still be abused hopefully it will be patched [GJ for both of u and zhas in the video]
  20. u just don't understand. If a *Tank* is blocking the wf while u are making units it will move away when unit is Ready that's what the patch did But if a *Miner* is blocking the wf when the unit is rdy it won't move away besides this wasn't done by using alt it's moving the miner on the wf and then press S At any case i think this kind of gameplay is not acceptable and there should be a consequences for whoever Abusing such gameplay style it will only generate Hate in the community
  21. Korc-Quix is a good as a start also i have not seen korc in a very long time [I Didn't play for over 7 months and i didn't see him for even longer than that]
  22. DoDger


    this is really a Sad news to hear. Ziggy was always helpful to every1 in his own way i enjoyed playing with him he was a good Guy it's a big loss to the community may u R.I.P Bro
  23. it's hard to say since Cncnet basically was taken over by Xwis/Gr players or all about unofficial maps players so it's either no one is worth mentioning or they are still unknown I have a few names on my mind but idk if they even started here or not
  24. yea same post at the end of it Zig said it wasn't him + Js dc only bcuz of his connection he don't do it on purpose
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