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Disconnect when starting a multiplayer game.



Hello everyone!


My friend and I have been trying to get the ball rolling with Yuri's Revenge using cncnet.

We can create a account, we can host/join servers and launch the game, but upon entering a game we both get disconnected. No matter who hosts (us or a random player).

I can see my own "progress bar" running away but not the others.


Skirmish works as intended.


Anyone has any idea on what we can try next?



For some reason, when my friend turned off his firewall he could join another game.

That however did not work for me, I'm using Windows 7 he is using Windows 10.


I have tried:



Firewall rules

Turned off firewall

Anti-virus exceptions

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You need to add a third player to the game, this way you can tell who of you both doesn't connect.


The one who can only see his progress bar going up has the problem. Maybe firewall/anti virus


Thanks for your reply!


I'm the one who can only see my progress bar running, but the only difference is that I'm on win 7 and he is on win 10.

I really have no idea what to try next.

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Try using the following server when you host a game: "[EU] Fast Europe Server --- www.FreeGameHosting. "


This is the only server that is using a different port. Maybe the problem is related to the port used by all the other servers


I have now tried that but it seems that it didn't do much.

Any more ideas to try from anyone?

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