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1v1 Matt (vwwwwwwww) vs Taita 3 games Matt wins 2-1

-AuF- AuFRuLeR

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A 3 game 1v1 stream today between Matt(vwwwwwww) and Taita...I streamed 3 games of which Matt won first 2 and Taita won 3rd



https://www.twitch.tv/aufruler/v/100647603  game 1 Dune Patrol



https://www.twitch.tv/aufruler/v/100648231  game 2 heck freezes over


https://www.twitch.tv/aufruler/v/100648686  game 3 Dryheat





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Wait, why didn't Matt play Allied on Dry Heat?


Dry Heat despite being small immensely favors Allied.


Are you sure this was really Matt? He's not a Soviet player.  :huh:




Also this map is called Dune Patrol.



lol yes was matt did you not see Max in there obs?


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