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Is there a list of Wineskin settings anywhere?



Is there a page somewhere online documenting the settings applied to Wineskin for CnCNet?


I'm trying my hand at getting Tiberian Sun Singleplayer to work on OSX Sierra, but I'm pretty new to working with Wineskin and running into some issues - after a few minutes the video freezes completely, while the game apparently continues in the background (sounds keep playing, I can even issue orders or open the menu, but the screen remains frozen).


It'd be great to have a list of the customizations used for CnCNet as a starting point. Even if that combination still causes issues with the Singleplayer install, it'd at least be a 'best-practice' starting point that could get me closer to the goal.

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You need to enable DDwrapper+NoVideoMemory.

Then you need a .dll override for "ddraw".

To get the game launcher working you need winetricks dotnet20

wine version 14.1 crossover - WS9WineCX14.1.10

wineskin engine 2.62

Mac Driver instead of X11



You can also try the portingkit: http://portingkit.com/game/366

But I think it's using a very old version of our TS installer so it might not be the best solution. I will try to make them a new script at some point, but didn't look into their scripting system yet

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Followed these customizations to the letter, ran the singleplayer installer inside Wineskin, and it seems to be working like a charm. Running perfectly smoothly at 1680x1050, with no crashes so far.


For anyone looking to do this themselves on OSX Sierra, here's a little more detail that should help even if you're not familiar with Wineskin.


1. Download and install Wineskin Winery, and the Single Player installer provided on CnCNet

2. Open Winery and click the "+" under Installed Engines, choose WS9WineCX14.1.10 and install it

3. Make sure Wrapper Version says Wineskin-2.6.2

4. Select the WS9WineCX14.1.10 Engine and click Create New Blank Wrapper

5. You may get some questions about missing packages (Gecko/Mono) - Don't install them, click cancel.

6. Find the Wrapper you just created, ctrl-click and View Package Contents

7. Open Wineskin

8. Click Advanced

9. Click Tools, then Config Utility (winecfg)

10. Open the Libraries tab, type "ddraw" in the "New override for library:" field, and click Add - It'll ask you to confirm

11. Click Apply, then OK

12. Back in Wineskin Advanced, click Winetricks

13. Search for "dotnet20", check the box, and click Run; when it's done, click Close

14. Back in Wineskin Advanced, click Set Screen Options

15. Check "Use Mac Driver instead of X11", then click Done

16. Click "Install Software", "Choose Setup Executable", then choose the Tiberian Sun installer you downloaded earlier

17. Run through the installer - install all the components except for the Themes, uncheck things like Start Menu and Desktop. The movies are 1 GB and will take a while.

18. Back in Wineskin Advanced, click Configuration, then "Browse" next to Windows EXE

19. Select Westwood/SUN/Launcher.exe, then close Wineskin

20. Click on your Wineskin Wrapper like any other Application - it should open the Tiberian Sun Firestorm Launcher

21. Click Options, set your desired screen resolution (I use 1680x1050), select 'ddwrapper', check 'No Video Memory', click Apply then OK


That's it! Click on 'Singleplayer' in the Launcher to play the game.


On my machine I get a big white box covering up the Tiberian Sun logo in the Launcher, but that's the only issue I've come across so far.

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Very cool tutorial! Looks really complicated now that I see all the steps, understandable that people can't just get it working if they have never worked with wine/wineskin before :D


5. you should click on "cancel" when it asks you about gecko and/or mono


To fix the launcher looking bad bug you can install winetricks gdiplus

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