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Tib Sun multiplayer match videos showcasing keyboard?


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Hey there, folks!


So, I'd like to ask whether there are any Tiberian Sun multiplayer videos where we can actually see the keyboard of a given player (or some sort of software where we can see what said player is currently pressing on his physical keyboard).


I ask this for it would help newcomers better grasp the concept of hotkeys and understand how to properly micro his/her units when in battle/when said units are off-screen.


Youtube channels such as Tiberian Sun Adventures go a long way in helping newcomers, but since there's no keyboard representation anywhere and adding to it the fact that spectators can't listen to any kind of sound pertaining exclusively to a specific player, one is kinda always in the dark as to whether a player is microing things off-screen, paying attention to immediate events, etc.


So, anything like that on the web (I searched for it, but couldn't find anything)?


And in case there isn't, would someone be willing to do something like it for the good of the community (especially newcomers)?


Thanks in advance!

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I might be able to do this for one or two games, what software would you have me use?


As Ferret suggested, there's NohBoard, for example - another one which is quite famous in the SC2 community is this one:




now, I don't necessarily know how accurate these softwares are as I've never used them myself, but maybe Ferret can clarify (as far as NohBoard goes, at least)?



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