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Training map ideas for newcomers


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Not sure if this has been done before, but we could think of training maps to teach newcomers.




A map to train your hotkey skills.


Scenario example

You must build your base from scratch to tank production within say 15 seconds. (Just an example)

- To achieve that time, they must have been using hotkeys.

- A suitable build order (e.g not power, ref, ref)...


We could I guess, also introduce this as part of the client introduction. So we could popup, Initiate online battle training. It takes them through these maps, a bit like missions do.


On top of that, you could show a badge or some player details or w/e that they have completed basic training...


What are you thoughts?


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Personally think that would be awesome, but only if the player is told the hotkeys. I personally just found out there is a hotkey for placing buildings. Would improve the skill of quite some people.

Good idea, perhaps the hotkeys could be displayed in the map (almost mission style like).


We could also do a map based on tank control aswell.

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