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Now its nearly impossible to play...


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A while back I used to love playing on CNC red alert but when the fast game option came around I was not able to port forward because i don't know the password for my router, something so stupid ruined my ability to play I just wish that CNC could take a step backward and remove peer to peer games and have it like it was before, I never experienced problems playing the regular games in the past... I think that alot more people have this problem and it's not only me stuck not being able to play because no one will join the original game without peer to peer. What am I supposed to do?

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It is for sure very annoying currently for those that have problems connecting in peer to peer games... Most games are peer to peer now, players just prefer the fast games. There will be another update where we are going to mix peer to peer and tunnel inside of 1 game, those who can connect peer to peer will use peer to peer and others will go over a tunnel. This way anyone can join any game again. It takes some effort to get this done though, it's not a small update... I'm not sure when it will happen

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