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Modding Red Alert 1 Help needed


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I've been trying to Mod RA1 just to try and balance the two factions (Soviet and Allies), however I'm having a few issues..


If I run a skirmish match through CNCNET, the changes I have made in rules.ini aren't applied, but if I run a skirmish game not through CNCNET they are applied. However, not running it through CNCNET means running it through the Windows 95 version and the old game lobby screen is awful because there's only a handful of the options available to change (I'm sure you're all aware of this). For example, I cannot mess around with alliances, only 5 of the countries are available etc etc.


Also, when I create a map with the built-in editor, it seems to change the rules.ini, and the CNCNET client tries to tell me there's cheats in the map, which I have not done?


My questions are:

1. Is there any way I can make my modified rules.ini work for the CNC client of RA1?

2. Why is it saying my maps have 'cheats' in? And is there anyway to change this?





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open the file spawn.xdp in notepad and modify this one for cncnet (instead of rules.ini)


Some changes in maps can give one player an advantage, like a pre-placed building for him (while all other players don't get a free building).

Make sure you keep the map even so that no player has an advantage.


Click on the cheats button in the game room to see which changes caused the cheat warning.


You can also post the map here in the forums so that someone can verify it, we can then add it to the whitelist and disable the warning

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