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Yuri's Revenge has Crashed.Error message

This image format is not supported.


when i install new update.it happened.


Win 7 SP-1

Need Help

Hello, could you attach the client.log file found in your game directory. It's contained in the folder called Client

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I got a similar error during a skirmish 1x1 map.


attached client.log and clientcrashlog


27.01. 05:24:21.288    AssetLoader.LoadTextureInternal: loading texture Maps\Yuri's Revenge\XDeadman.png failed! Message: This image format is not supported

27.01. 05:24:21.297    Error loading preview texture: This image format is not supported

27.01. 05:24:21.387    KABOOOOOOM!!! Info:

27.01. 05:24:21.393    Message: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.


Thank for CNCnet, can you release older versions of this so we can play or turn off auto-updates maybe

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