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Is CnCNet disconnecting anyone else in the following way?


Yuri's Revenge launches fine. The lobby takes about thirty seconds to load.First, the YR symbols begin to appear next to each nickname, not in any particular order on the right. Then, the game lobbies start populating on the left for me to choose.


My problem happens when I sit in the lobby for any extended period of time. I experience progressively worse delay lag the longer I am there. For instance, I will hover over a lobby, and the details will not display, or I will hover over the Logout button, and it will not illuminate for twenty seconds.


This also happens when I sit in a game lobby too long. The animation of the map positions stop rotating at intervals of time. As I said, the delay lag becomes progressively worse until CnCNet finally displays a red message that I have been disconnected.


I can successfully play games in situations where I join one that starts relatively quickly; however, I have to restart the client most of the time after returning from the game. I appreciate any help that can be offered and do not mind posting further information needed.

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