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  1. Oh yes, if that information is permitted outside of the private testing forum and it is not too much bother, then it would be interesting to know how ELO rating was integrated and rank busting mitigated. Do not go to too much trouble mate.
  2. Yuri's Revenge is definitely worth repurchasing because of CnCNet. What were your nicknames when you played in the past TTV_FPSdave91? Maybe we know each other.
  3. I am curious. Are the ladder points calculated by the same algorithm as Westwood/XWIS? If not, then what is the distinction?
  4. I do not know whether or not it has already been mentioned, but the most unappealing thing about the ladder to me is that it is not integrated with the main application beyond launching from the main menu. Maybe that is me being spoiled by old school quick matching.
  5. I had multiple questions, and neither of us answered any of them.
  6. XlmTanKX? He refuses to play me at the cost of many points. I thought it was just because of Yuri at first, but he seems to bail indiscriminately. Div? This player fussed me out in both games that we played together. I know it was because of Yuri this time. In kind words, I am a lagging new player. Meanwhile, he lost 9 gi ifv to two slave miners in our second game. With his 23% winning record and 44 average fps, I am going to go with projection. Does anyone know these players? From which server did they come?
  7. Sadly, that did not work, and the installer file download link does not seem to include everything up to the latest version 4.07 again. I am not sure what has changed with the last several updates. I had always been able to update without a problem until recently.
  8. Can you add that last megabyte to the latest launcher? I still cannot play
  9. The latest update was 11 MB. When I use that installer link and launch the game, I am still prompted to update to version 4.06. The only difference is that the prompt specifies only 1 MB now.
  10. This worked for me last time, but I am having the same problem where the launcher will not close to finish the latest update. Is there a new installer download that has everything?
  11. Neither of the last two updates will finish on my computer. I am stuck on "Waiting for the Launcher to exit. ." on each update attempt. This includes reinstalling.
  12. Strategst

    Host Connection

    Bump. My problem was fixed by updates subsequent to my post; however, with the most recent upgrade today, I am right back to having this problem. Please repeat those quick fixes.
  13. Strategst

    Host Connection

    Is CnCNet disconnecting anyone else in the following way? Yuri's Revenge launches fine. The lobby takes about thirty seconds to load.First, the YR symbols begin to appear next to each nickname, not in any particular order on the right. Then, the game lobbies start populating on the left for me to choose. My problem happens when I sit in the lobby for any extended period of time. I experience progressively worse delay lag the longer I am there. For instance, I will hover over a lobby, and the details will not display, or I will hover over the Logout button, and it will not illuminate for twenty seconds. This also happens when I sit in a game lobby too long. The animation of the map positions stop rotating at intervals of time. As I said, the delay lag becomes progressively worse until CnCNet finally displays a red message that I have been disconnected. I can successfully play games in situations where I join one that starts relatively quickly; however, I have to restart the client most of the time after returning from the game. I appreciate any help that can be offered and do not mind posting further information needed.
  14. The derivative of a function gives its instantaneous rate of change, or slope, at any given point. The exponential function just so happens to have the same value as its slope at every point. The simplest example is exp^0=1, where the slope of exp^x at x=0 is also 1. Continue inductively from there.
  15. XWIS currently requires ladder players to use its downloadable version of the game (with a built-in automatic screen capture tool), which is either incompatible or lags horribly with Windows 8 setups.
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