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Any one can help me


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open spawn.xdp in notepad, in there you'll find all the limits.


Make sure all of you got the same file though, else you can't play together.



Yes, playing through wifi works fine. It might be a problem if you have multiple routers though (1 wifi and 1 without), in that case you need to set your wifi router to bridge mode

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Yes, exactly these values. Don't make them too high, not sure what the max values are (maybe it will crash if too high).

You probably only want to change Buldings, Infantry, Aircraft and Vessel. Keep all the others untouched


You don't need any additional programs, it will just work without it.


If LAN doesn't work and you don't know how to set your router into bridged mode then just use Online mode in cncnet since that will always work just fine

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