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Please un-block me!


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Hi Funky,


Could you please unblock me?


Let me explain...there was talk a while back by a few players about macros and I suspected some players may be using them, so I downloaded a free program online to understand how it works.


I used it a few times on gold medal challenge vs the computer only (without specs - I have never gone for the medal). I also used in a couple of online games to see if the program detects it or not, and warned the other player in advance. The good news is that it did in fact detect the program and my keyboard basically froze during the game.


I never benefited in any live games. I removed the program around a month ago - I only had it for a very short time. I promise it was just experimental.


Red Alert is a fantastic game and community - being banned sucks :-(





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Hi Funky,


My bro's Vespar and Lauta updated me that the ban is 30 days for 1st offence. Even though this was just experimental and not really cheating I appreciate it may be difficult to verify this and you can't make any exceptions. I will wait patiently and look forward to returning back in near future!


All the best,



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