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Modding Round-up


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Hey Guys, just a quick round up of whats been happening lately



The PPM W3D Modelling Contest may have its deadline extension however as it stands the deadline is the 30th of June

And The Winter 2009/2010 Small Buildings Contest [TS] have extended there deadline extended to the 1st of august.



A new Tiberian Sun Mod Cabals legacy has been hosted over at Project Perfect Mod. The mod Adds cabal in as a new fraction as well as introducing many other promising ideas.


Also C&C Generals: Crazy mod version 0.55 patch has been released.

Bug Fixes:


Scud Launcher Launcher bug fixed.

Hover SCUD Launcher Fixed.

Gattling Nuke Cannon weapon re-made for balance. No longer fires 30 shots per second.

Lead Beam ineffectiveness against infantry fixed.

New Lead Beam model, far superior to the old one.




2 New maps have caught my attention both for Tiberian sun Velillian Islands (2-4) and FS Threshold 19 (2-3)

The first im yet to play however i recommend the 2nd map by blai



A Mobile EMP cloning tutorial has also been posted recently over on PPM.

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