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TibSun map: The Black Zone


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Hello and welcome,


I am In the process of making a Map called "The Black Zone" one of the most Tiberium infested Area of the Planet with a twist.


during whatever conflict you and other players are waging against each other, the map itself will be your biggest enemy, littered with veinhole monsters that spit out Tiberium life forms that are acting on a collective hivemind to attack your base and destroy you.


On top of that you find ruined buildings and empty units everywhere, both GDI and NOD hinting at back story of whatever happened in this area (Note this used to be a bluezone before something mysterious happened)


there are crates that you find hidden around the map that upon picking up will give you the passwords to Secret documents I've written with a password protected program on them giving details to the story, Some of these documents are observation logs, Orders, personal letters and Charts.


The center of them map is gigantic crater with a Pulsating heart that is controlling these creatures, It is giving them commands to expand and build new structures (Tiberium structures that can grows new Visceroids or floaters) adding a new possible faction or a mod of Tib sun. (considering making campaigns)


The Map is currently a multiplayer map that im editing with Finalsun and attempting the INI editor to make new tib lifeforms, I need help from anyone good with map developing


-There are veinhole monsters all over the map, they are evolved to spawn monsters every 5-10 minutes how should this be executed in scripts/AI Triggers?


-is there a way ot make the Monsters respawn everytime without needing to replace them with new units in the editor that could cause lag?


-Anyone know how to make new units or structures that are interested in helping this project?


The blog for the Documents will be http://blackzonelogs.blogspot.com/


Here are some screenshots of the Map at the current








Thoughts on this? Would you like to contribute? I am already working on ideas for new Tiberium life forms and would love your input! comment below and Please let me know if you are interested in helping!  :laugh:

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Really? That kind of limits the creativity for map making.


As for the trigger here is what I have planned:


TRIGGER: Monsterspawn

Event - Elapsed Time (Value 5 Minutes)



1.) Timer Reset (5 Minutes)


3.) Reinforcement team (Parameter = INI Unit type?)


Im a newbie. So I could use all the help that I can.

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