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Installed TS from here, everything but Firestorm campaigns work



I've been having a great time lately with the TS download from this site, however I am unable to play firestorm. Initially I had issues, but I installed a TS patch from here https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=3438.0 . I did check the bottom of the post which talked about if there was issues with firestorm missions. However, the regular videos are working for me fine, it's just firestorm as every time I try to start a new campaign it states "unable to read scenario". I looked into the game files and I found the _battle ini and it looked like this was what helped start the regular campaign, however I couldn't find any sort of battle file for the firestorm.


I haven't tampered with any of the files yet, but I feel like after seeing this I could be missing a battle ini file for starting the firestorm campaign. It's just the campaign, skirmish in fs works fine for me. I looked into past posts and found this problem might have happened a few times but there wasn't some form of a solution there. Where or how do I get the correct file to add to fix this issue? Or if that isn't the problem then what should I do to fix this?


Thanks in advance. I apologize if posted this in the wrong area or something, I'm new to the whole forum stuff.

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You can't apply TSpatch on custom installations, else it will not find the missions anymore.


The problem with the TSinstaller is known though, it will be updated soon and will then fully work without the need to apply TSpatch on top.



Your installations is broken now, you'll have to uninstall it...


You can either wait until TSinstaller was fixed (don't know when Tore will do it), or get the freeware release of TS and apply TSpatch on top of it. Google for "OfficialCnCTiberianSun.rar"

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