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When playing with friend = connection interrupted. With random person = works


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me and a friend of mine were trying to play online on CNCnet today. But for some reason when we try to play with each other the game always lags out after we get into it.

When i tried to play with a random person online it worked fine.


We both had firewall off and network traffic forwarded to our internal ips while we were trying to play.


If there something that i am missing? :)

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Unfortunately that is less than likely, considering we both have 100 mbps connections :)

And that we've played other games together, for example Factorio.

The game does not lag hard, it just drops connection after the loading screen. You see your units, the cash counts to the set amount and then the game drops.


I have managed once to get it working by using a random tunneling server (dont remember which one) from the list, but then the lag was so big, that the units start responding 3s after your input.

If i have to assume i would bet it is a tunneling issue, but i may be wrong, im not aware of the internals of the networking of the game.


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