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Tiberian Sun - Internal Error


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Hello everyone!


I am currently running TS on my Macbook thru CnCNet. My friend is playing on his Windows 7.


We managed to get online in LAN-network twice in 24 hrs and play without the game ** with us.

Every other time we try to get in; we will get the error message; "TS has encountered an internal error and cannot be continued. Please see Westwood.com for updates..."


We tried to both create map in Online mode, and in LAN-mode. But we just simply can get thru.. Tried to take of the firewall and shitzl, but nah... noooo.. nothing.  :puppydog: :puppydog:


Anyone got a clue whats going on here? Since we have managed to play it twice with it working fine - it cannot be the download that there is something wrong with?





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Who of you two is getting the error?


If there is a crash again then please upload the logfile named except.txt here on the forums so that someone can look into it (Might take some time...)



On a mac you'll have to right click the cncnet.app, view contents, drive_c, Games/CnCNet/TiberainSun_Online -> except.txt




Does the crash happen randomly during the game or right away on startup btw?

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