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RA1 Rocket Soldiers and Fake Buildings


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Hi all. I got a question about rules.ini, probably a really noobish question, lol. I'm making a new single-player campaign and editing the file and all is well except for 1 thing. Rocket soldiers. Everything I try to modify for them doesn't work. I want them to be untrainable by the allies so I set them to soviet only units, and whatever tech level I give them they are always available when a barracks (allied or soviet versions) is built. Even editing their cost doesn't work. The same happens for Fake buildings [FACF] etc. Are these things hard-coded to always be available? Does it have anything to do with these things being buildable in multiplayer? I couldn't find a way to specify my maps to be non-multiplayer, other than naming them as scg01ea etc, unless I overlooked something. The maps work fine in single-player, and all my rules.ini changes work except the rocket soldiers and fake buildings, and I can't spot where I went wrong. The only other thing I can think of is this: in my campaign the player plays as the England faction (light green). The English are allies, so I doubt it would make any difference, but could that cause the issue? Any other ideas?

Cheers, guys.

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I disabled DoubleOwned already for the rocket soldier. I tried making it tech level 10, 11 and -1 also, but it still shows up. Same for the fake buildings. Maybe putting my custom rules into the mission's .ini file will fix things, I'll try that. Cheers guys :).

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