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Advanced CnC new games


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One issue with CnC game are they became like chess, and did not stay modern.


When the franchise started due to computer limitations, things had to be goofy, like ore miners. In the original red alert it was awkwardness, the current games went off the rails, with shrink rays, and destroyers going over land, imagine a 400 foot long ship drive out of the water? Have neutralising rays, shields, shooting troops out of a cannon?


While it is fun, most games have adopted long term play with units and greater customisation's.  CnC hasn't kept up with the times, and has been buried as it gets weirder and weirder.


One aspect the game missed was the scale hasn't increased, prices are not reflective of what goes on. An example an aircraft carrier with unlimited planes cost 2000 dollars, to make an airbase with 5 fighters, it requires 2000 dollars for 2 bases alone, and 1200-1400 per aircraft.  Mean while an apocalypse tank is equal in price to a carrier.


They need to embrace reality again. First step is make the scale of war increase. So for example if you play a world mode, you take a carrier, and a few support ships, you can launch planes onto a battle from far away, let's say the carrier is highly upgradeable so it launches 4 fighter squadrons over a beach head, while them aircraft are away, that carrier is a sitting target, when you have 5 subs sneak up and try sinking it, the cost of losing that ship matters. It may have costed 800,000 dollars for it and it's upgrades alone. With its aircraft also costing  250,000 dollars using the same collection system. A basic carrier with 1 fighter squadron should cost 50,000 and a squadron (20 aircraft) cost another 30,000.


When a squadron or ship ranks it unlocks upgrade abilities, requiring a refit at port and money to refit them. Once that's done the rank drops, depending on how much was used. Because honestly life is extremly cheap in CnC, with little value on unit deaths, which hurts the game. When you have a battle, campaign or online or skirmish, once that battle is over, than unit is over, no rewards for developing units.


The economy... it can be upgraded severely and easily. Always is oil and ore, or tiberium or crates.  Why not factories? Another area is mining... put a building over a mine, or put a conveyor to a mine from a building. Another interesting concept why do you need so much power? Why can't you build oil wells, at land and at sea? Or make more mines.


The games are good, but needs massive modernization. Out of windows 98 era style games.

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