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Are there any work arounds for these glitches?


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I took a few months off of the game and came back once I got a new laptop with windows 10 (because you know, cncnet/RA2 is a definite staple for any new rig). Coming back to the game I noticed a couple of glitches and need some fixes.


1. In game. Pressing esc or clicking on the settings menu (so no pausing during a skirmish) freezes the game. Only way to unfreeze is to close the program through the task manager, obviously ending the game.


2. Finishing a game. Instead of going to the stats screen, it goes to the stat screen background with no stats (tesla trooper) and freezes there. Again, only way to exit is to minimize to desktop and close with task manager.


So what's going on? Any configuration changes, fix files, etc? Need that help?

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Its not really freezing, but more invisible state. Try move your mouse to the go back to game button and it should go back to normal. For #2 move your mouse to end game button and same happens, it should unfreeze and end game normally. Yes, I am aware you can't see your mouse, you need do it in your mind.


though yeah this is a Windows 8/10 issue and I am pretty sure there's no solution that fixes YR 100% for W10.

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