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  1. Not sure if TS is running on a worse client / server but Yuri's Revenge have been working all fine for me even with the user count buffs.
  2. Speechless is the only thing I can say really. While this is all fantastic @Grantbut because CnCnet is technically not an 'official' server, do you think EA minds we are getting *this* big? I hope you all don't get bought out or something
  3. Do 2 more online count as a record? To me it does
  4. It's your anti virus blocking the file.
  5. Agreed that I prefer the auto downloading as well.
  6. Guess I'll continue here. Streak still on-going with new user count records everyday
  7. I wonder how the admins of CnCNet feels with this growth
  8. And the streak continues
  9. Man man man. I wonder when the streak stops
  10. Another day, another record because corona is OP
  11. Peaked with 558 on the very same day
  12. I hate MISSING for doing this. All those survivals are stolen and he just slapped his shitty edits over it, yet EVERYONE host them now. Really the most negative thing I noticed when I came back to CnCnet Not all of them have the MISSING in the title, so it discredit the actual creators and he credit himself for slapping his shit edits in it.
  13. It's both on same client. Once in-game you create a room and in the settings you tick 'Red Alert 2' to play the vanilla game. Honestly, it's pretty terrible advertised, but yes CnCNet does support vanilla RA2 that is 98% the same as the original game.
  14. It's March and they still look like Christmas crates .. I do somewhat remember hearing there was an easter egg setting in the CnCNet client, but I cannot find it.
  15. You're literally stupid. The report is about you SAYING you are reconing the game. You did admit in the first post you did indeed say that: My report is about you threatening us. The game actually erroring out is just additional information. Do you know what FFA means? Since people whining about 2 vs 1 is very common in RA2 (I am going start build a collection of people crying and post it someday) Basically, we have no control who attacks who. When there's 3 people there's a chance someone I have no control over also attacks you. I attacked you since the very beginning of the game and you know this very well, but you cry and whine about 2 vs 1 like a lot does in here because that was your excuse to lose the game. But you went a step further and actually threatened to recon the game if it stayed '2 vs 1' in this FFA game. The game so happen to indeed recon 10 min or so later when red attacked you for a second time. Again, if you were it or not is not relevant it stays TRUE you threatened to recon the game, regardless if it was a threat or you actually doing it doesn't matter.
  16. I've already said in my post that the tool I used (ShareX) which is a window capture tool didn't capture the game correctly because YR works by multiple windows and is a pain to capture/screenshot and have always been. Don't try to say shit like 'are you trying manipulate'. You shouldn't have said/threatened to recon error to begin with, which than so happen to be 5 minutes or so later when red attacked you again with destroyers. Don't be retarded; I am not an idiot. Story short: Don't threaten. Even if you didn't recon you shouldn't say stuff like that.
  17. Game of Tsunami turned into a 3 player battle, and when Teal (NVA) got attacked, he threatened to force reconnection error if it stayed '2 vs 1': A little later, he actually did it: Honestly, a lot of people do this before losing. However, this is first time I had someone actually admitting and threatened even to do it, and he did. Unfortunately, it seems the screenshot capture tool I use don't like the game very much, so both screenshots show to be from the same frame of the game, which is not true. Fortunately, the more important part got captured, which is him threatening. Cheers. Not sure if anything can be done about this.
  18. Not sure how this suddenly happened, but it did:
  19. Already knew about this yup. This is how at maps like EXTRA Small sometimes your buildings are much stronger. It's when it got an armor upgrade 🙂
  20. A remaster usually means 1:1 gameplay but with updated graphics/engine/compatibility with modern OS's. See Starcraft Remastered.
  21. Shame it's not RA2, but will definitely buy it in the hope it will become a success, and RA2 will be next...
  22. Would be a cool setting for cncnet to add. Spy on/off.
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