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Map folder in ubuntu


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Hello guys

I played TS for a while on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and I'm searching for a way to insert more maps in my TS folder.... but I don't know how to find it :P can anyone explain me how?

Indeed I've also another question: on my Win OS I tried to insert maps in the right folder (as it says on the guide of this site) but the maps don't show on Skirmish when I launch the game using Multiplayer Launcher...

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You can find a "Maps" folder inside of your game folder, in there just create a new folder (e.g. "New Maps") and place your maps inside of that folder.


Maps inside of .mix files are not working, it must be .map or .mpr I think.



On ubuntu you can find the .cncnet folder inside of your home dir, in there should be a drive_c. Look for Games/CnCNet/TiberianSun_Online in your drive_c

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