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New gametype/ setting (maybe can be put into maps?)


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not sure if this is possible... but would you be able to make MCv's disappears and mcv repacks un buildable( or those explode too) after a certain amount of time?


IT's just a crazy Rush game type i'd like to try on maps where people used to sell mcv all the time anyways so basically i see this:


- A countdown timer is on the bottom right of the map for when MCv's will disappears.

  1) i was thinking 3 or 5 minutes, maybe even 7. i guess the bigger the map the longer the timer? still unsure on this..


- This would force people to sell their mcv before it disappears, creating crazy tactics.. reminiscent of an older era in YR history!

  1) the only difference would be both players would have to sell their mcv!

      a. Maybe if one person sells their mcv the other person doesn't have to? (im getting off topic aaaahhhhhhhh)


-Probably only a handful of players would like this game type, so id say the popularity of it would be only with veterans, and not even all of them.




- Stalemates

  1) People building on Top of cliffs, or naval stretching would clearly hinder this game type to "non-competitive" play


-how do you even do something like this ?

1. Are ai triggers good enough to just put this on certain maps? if so i can create a list i think would benefit this game type and virutally eliminate the problem of a stale mate



anyways, this is more of a want than a suggestion... sometimes you just get the urger for quick high paced games. and a gametype like this will force you to deliver !


thanks for your time cncnet community!


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