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i need help fixing resolution problem



hello everything is perfectly ok i can play just one small problem... i can't play with my native resolution now if this has been answered before i didn't see it when i scrolled down looking for answers. so my question is how do i use my 1920 x 1080 resolution i tried just putting that in and changing the ts-ddraw to the other ones like dxwin but nothing worked always cut off the right side of screen or my mouse wouldn't go over there its kinda aggravating i also went into after trying to fix it via the cncnet launcher the ra2.ini and change the resolution there and made it read only like many people say to do but didn't work doesn't even register that i did anything in the cncnet launcher so please help!!!!!

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This sounds a bit like you need to reconfigure your monitor to set the X and Y position. Try checking that first (when ingame).


The CnCNet client puts the chosen resolution in your ra2md.ini file in the RA2 folder.

I use the TS-DDRAW on Windows 10 and my INI file has the following values.















Perhaps you can try copying this to yours, though do not forget to backup your file beforehand. You can also just make sure that the bolded part is in your INI file.

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You probably have DPI Scaling (Zooming) enabled. You can disable it globally in windows or disable it just for the game.


To disable it for the game:


Open your game folder and look for the game executables, right click->properties->compatibility, disable high dpi scaling

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