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Hi ! After few days of playing with my friends with P2P connection one of them got "Failed to connect with Skorpion" or something like that. He told me that I have lighting bolt -. I can't do things like UPNP because there isn't any UPNP.exe  :ranting: My ports is always blocked whatever I do (i'm exec. /porttest in main lobby). I can't even find these fcking logs, lmao. I'm running WIN 7 Ultimate SP1 with COMODO Firewall (+ HIPS).


BTW. sorry for bad eng.

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Can't you host a "Automatic" game? It's better than p2p cause you don't have to worry about anything, it will always get you connected without any port forwarding or settings.



If you also fail to connect in a Automatic game then something is blocking cncnet, double check your firewall and anti virus

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