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Still Having Problems...



Ok, lately. I've been having problems with CnCNet ever since I reformatted my computer. And the thing is, when I boot-up my computer. My screen looks like this.



Compared to this.



Does that mean I do not have Windows XP Professional?

Windows XP Home Edition

Contains basic support for security among multiple users.

Built-in support for peer-to-peer networking, but only for up to five computers.

The backup utlity is not installed by default, but is included on the CD.

Windows XP Professional Edition

Includes extended support for security between multiple users on the same machine.

Better support for peer-to-peer networking, plus support for joining a "Windows NT domain."

The backup utlity is installed by default.

The Professional edition includes the following components not found in the Home edition:

Administrative Tools (in the Start Menu and Control Panel)

Automated System Recovery (ASR)

Boot Configuration Manager


Group Policy Refresh Utility

Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) add-on

NTFS Encryption Utilitiy

Offline Files and Folders


Performance Log Manager

Remote Desktop

Scheduled Tasks Console

Security Template Utility



Telnet Administrator


Provides support for multi-processor systems (2 or 4 CPUs), Dynamic Disks, Fax.

Source: http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article10-002.

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to see if your windows xp version is Home Edition, the "Blue bar" of Windows XP Professional is be green when booting. Or in "My Computer>Propieties" show it too.


you forgotten the Starter edition of Windows XP (do you mean, Windows 98 with XP skin?), probally, this shit have the same issue.

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They removed the Home Edition/Professional Edition distinction on the boot screen in one of the service packs


best way to find out is by right clicking my computer and clicking properties (As pichorra said)

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Haha, I didn't think of that.


Because with Windows 7, CnCNet was working fine (I use wireless). But now that I reformatted to Windows XP. It hasn't been working at all! And I also updated the firmware on my Linksys WRT54G router if that has anything to do with it.


I've been dieing to play some C&C95 lately online! :(

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what is your wireless card? did it haves a configuration tool? if yes, disable the "Zero Wireless Setup" service and start using the tool. that thing works with Conter-Strike, probally it should works too with CnCNet.




What a hell PAE is doing enable in your computer sice it does not have more-than-4gb installed in your computer?? and also, this thing is sucks in Windows XP, it only really works in Windows Server 2003.

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in "Device Manager" in Propieties of my computer. also, for removing PAE, just remove "/PAE" in boot.ini section with MSCONFIG, or editing boot.ini with EDIT or NOTEPAD.




i connected with cheese trough TeamViewer. wraid. there's not /PAE extenion in boot.ini, and there's none wireless confuguration tool from manufacturer, it seems to use the bad Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration. i really do not know what happens...

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