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server bug



for some reason. i can't host a game . i tried all the server however the only server works for me is the last one re .  and i live in america and the usa and newyork don't for me . the only way i host is when someone else host . and i had no erros in the file . client file. i can play with bots and but when i try to lunach it with other people never works . sorry for the spelling .

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i have both games  Yuri's revenge and  mentalomegaclient .  when i want to host a room . it said server erro  and to try a new one . i live in newjeresy  america. so what i did i kept trying all the server at the end i found out that re server worked for me . however when i hosted that server i load and people don't load to me but then. they say i didn't load and everyone else loaded for them.  the bug happens in both games.  i can host a room by myself with a bot and it would work. however when people join me while i'm hosting  the load bug keeps on happening. i can only play when i join someone host room. i have really good network and some people don't like hosting because of the lag. i was kinda mad ... if i could  fix this bug i can host .  i have tried turning all my firewall off. just to make sure it's not firewall i even allowed the game from firewall . i rested my network router for 15 min. nothing worked idk what to do. it's a really pain. thank you 

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