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Help With Teams And AI Teams


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Hello, I've been playing a LOT of Dune 2000 Gruntmods Edition with my friends (2) via IP. We are having a vital issue trying to figure how to put each other on teams and the AI also (AI team availability seems to be grayed out or non-selectable) If someone could inform us on how to pick and choose teams for both human and AI players in would be greatly appreciated.

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You can only do this via maps at the moment, look out for "Co-Op" maps.

The name of the map will tell you the settings, e.g. "2P 4AI" means you'll have to play the map with 2 human players and add 4 AI players. In these kind of maps there will be preset alliances.

In normal maps you can form an alliance by selecting a building or unit of your friend and press "A" on your keyboard. (The AI players will not ally each other though)

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