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Please ban the person Trolling me and my clan.


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I log on after work and i was greeted this way by Pleb. I didn't understand why until he told me someone was on my name talking trash to Pleb and other people. The person who it is has been recently signing on as Oracioniels after i finally got him to stop logging on ORA-niels name. He still insists that his name is Oracio Niels. Which is obvious bullshit if you have a brain. He also logged on ORA-red_wk's name in the past. And he's logged on my name in the past and he did it again today. I have asked admins to ban him for not following their own rules about pretending to be other people. I am tired of the random messages from people and i am tired of this guy pretending to be me, niels, red and so on. So please take care of this problem that has been going on for far too long. Thank you- ORA-boy



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You have been posting it in the wrong sub forums, please make sure to post such things in here the next time:



It's also very important to read the text written on that site before you post, especially for you.



NOTE:  Any abuse towards staff about how they are "not helping you with your problem", or how they "should be doing a better job" , will swiftly be ignored and your report archived. Continued abuse towards staff is not tolerated, if you ignore our warnings, you will find yourself being removed from CnCNet completely. 

All staff are volunteers and are not paid to monitor CnCNet and your use of CnCNet services. Please also take into account that whilst you can report an incident, we are not obliged to reply. Some incidents we deal with behind the scenes so not all reports will warrant a response. Time wasting or providing false information will not be tolerated (we will know) - appropriate action will be issued for abuse of this.



Or in other words, if you treat us bad, don't expect that anyone is willing to spend their free time helping you.

I personally won't be willing to spend a single minute helping someone being unthankful and treats me like a slave.

Talking about this:


[15:23] <ORA-boy> Funky how the hell are you gonna help ppl and disable your PM?
[15:23] <ORA-boy> what kind of freaking admin are you?
[15:23] <ORA-boy> yesterday you tell me your too lazy to help
[15:23] <[rtb]hunipr> ¥℮Ѧℌ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[15:23] <ORA-boy> fuk off
[15:23] <[x]louy> ORA-boy: 
[15:24] <[x]louy> join lordy
[15:26] <Chou> 3 tank :P
[15:26] <Chou> 33
[15:27] <[Funky-TA]> i disabled it cause some people expect me to help them 24/7 and even get angry if i dont do what they want
[15:27] <[Funky-TA]> what you just said is a prime example
[15:27] <[Funky-TA]> i dont owe you anything, move on
[15:29] <[x]louy> gg
[15:29] <[SW-ChuKi]> 1+
[15:29] <[SW-ChuKi]> p4 pro
[15:29] <DrMengele> i FUKING HATE YOU GUYS
[15:30] <mtw__> thx
[15:30] <Ktosik> thx
[15:31] <[x]louy> sometimes i cant connet
[15:31] <[x]louy> sry
[15:31] <DrMengele> ban ora boy
[15:31] <DrMengele> funky???
[15:31] <DrMengele> ban ora boy
[15:31] <DrMengele> hes way out of line
[15:31] <DrMengele> turn your fuking sound down fritz
[15:31] <DrMengele> its pissing me off
[15:32] <DrMengele> pls
[15:34] <ORA-boy> Funky you sure do
[15:34] <ORA-boy> My dad wont log on any more because you allow assholes to talk about shit like isis
[15:34] <ORA-boy> Do something about it
[15:34] <DrMengele> your dad is homo
[15:34] <ORA-boy> you must be a child
[15:35] <ORA-boy> or misunderstood about the seriousness of it
[15:35] <DrMengele> your dads gonna die soon
[15:35] <ORA-boy> be happy your not in driving distance of me


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