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Minor suggestion about colors


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Hey, we know that TS support hundreds of color tags. So the possibility of adding more colours to the multiplayer games would be a nice feature that enhance individualisation of the players experience (like what we see in modern RTS, although I don't play them)  I now rarely play here either.

yes I know that you could modify the colours in the option, but that only affect one player. 

Also you could fix the green and blue colours as they appear the same colour as Tiberium in Radar map. Pink and purple looks almost alike. Lighter pink and darker purple is much better visually.


My suggestion would be make 10 colours available instead of 8 colours. Yes, it's not up to me to decide how the game should improve!!! I am merely trying to enrich the ideas that might be considered for TS or at least keeping the forum alive.


On side note, perhaps a moderator might feel it's better to separate this topic into two topics. This is in regards to suggestions or ideas; Yes, Nobody owe me nor  I owe someone, but I'd like to hear from developers if they really interested on hearing suggestions from lay people or not. I know some people here thinks that developers are on full time job in the CNCNET and would have really nasty attitude  toward the developers. You are not. Perhaps your life is full of responsibilities and clutters of life issues and duties. So it is a good idea to hear what point of view do the developers and moderators have on suggestions. Is there a specific policy you following? It would be nice if this thing is clarified. 

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